Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Meaning of Wham!

So, some of you probably know this already but I'm a big Lost fan. I think it's the greatest TV show ever conceived and currently the only game in town that consistently keeps me glued to the edge of my seat each week. I usually Tivo (or technically, record it on my Media Center PC) Lost and watch it post-live broadcast. Occasionally, both Tivo and Media Center will, due to the goofy time schedules that ABC plays with popular TV shows, where a TV show will run over the usual one hour time slot by several minutes, probably to intentionally mess up people's Tivo recording schedules, record a portion of the show that plays after Lost, which currently is a new show called Eli Stone. And the pilot episode of Eli Stone had George Michael in it (don't ask me why; go watch the show to find out why GM shows up).

In any case, after having watched that pilot, I've been on this Wham!/George Michael groove where I would play nothing but Wham! and/or George Michael on my iPod/Zune player(s). In fact, I'm currently listening to "Everything She Wants" and thinks that it rocks! Rocks hard! Like Michael Jackson during his Thriller days hard (that's another post).

I was joking to a friend of mine that there is bound to be a Wham! Reunion Tour spinning up sometime soon since 1) all of these other groups from the 80s (The Police, Van Halen) are doing these reunion tours; why not Wham!, 2) I'm sure George Michael is hard up for some public lovin' after all of the negative press during the past few years and 3) that other dude (Andrew Ridges ... or something like that) could use the visibility.

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