Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where In the World Is Scott, Part II?

Scott's Mind: So, dude. Where've you been? I've been like looking all over for you online. I see you pop up once in a while on your Flickr website, maybe write crap on other people's wall in Facebook and do nothing on this so-called blog of yours. You sick or something?
Scott: So ... Happy New Year.
Scott's Mind: Oh ... that's right. It's been 3 months since your last post. I see that blog activity is high on your list of priorities.
Scott: Thanksgiving was nice. It snowed a bunch during the Christmas break. And oh! I went to Japan in January.
Scott's Mind: And did you blog about any of that?
Scott: Umm ... no.
Scott's Mind: Because, it's not blog-worthy? Man, you're so lazy.
Scott: Yes, I am lazy. And been busy with work. You know ... work. Employment.
Scott's Mind: Oh right. You're working on that window dressing project.
Scott: Well, something like that.
Scott's Mind: So, you going to start blogging again?
Scott: I hope so.
Scott's Mind: Like when?
Scott: Hopefully soon. Maybe next month.
Scott's Mind: Oh, that's nice. Set up a lofty goal of next month. We'll see if you'll be able to reach that goal.
Scott: Yeah ... we'll see.

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