Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lost - Season Four Two Hour Finale ... oh boy!!!

So, I'm a huge LOST fan. Love the show. It's like a modern day version of the Twilight Zone, put into serialized form (similar to 24) with a smidge of exploration (what's on the island? where's the Orchid Station?) and a good roster of intriguing and engaging characters (personal fave: Hurley and Locke). Watched it since it first aired four years ago and have watched every single episode and have had a mountain of water cooler discussions with co-workers regarding each of the characters, as well as the island, the black smoke monster and everything in between. Tomorrow night is the Season 4 finale. The Season 3 finale blew me away so while I should temper my expectations for tomorrow night's season finale, I'm hoping to be as equally blown away as I was last year. I can't wait.

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